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More than a Movie Palace, a magic carpet to generations of New Zealand movie-goers, the Mighty Civic is a highly spiced blend of history, fantasy and actuality.


Old showgirls reminisce: an enchanted usherette leads you on a voyage of discovery into the secrets of Auckland's Xanadu. Cinema moguls break their hearts: dancing girls tiptoe over champagne-drenched carpets. One minute you're in Auckland of the 1920's: the next you're on an exhilarating rollercoaster ride into the days when American GI's met Kiwi beauties under the twinkling stars of the Civic's midnight roof.


Time is left behind as award winning film-makers Peter Wells and Stewart Main ("A Death in the Family') wave a magic wand over the universal love of old movie palaces......and in one in particular  THE MIGHTY CIVIC

VIEW an excerpt of  the MIGHTY CIVIC HERE

To view the slide show below click on the image to bring it up to full size and use the arrows left and right to move the slide show...

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